10 Ways to Find the Best Casinos not on GamStop

Oliver Thompson
September 7, 2023
10 Ways to Find the Best Casinos not on GamStop

Ever regret residing in the UK simply because you love spending your time gaming online but can’t enjoy the quality online casinos because of GamStop? I hear you, player; I hear you! With restrictions come great difficulties, especially when we are talking about GamStop, the gambling world’s one of the worst, most limiting and harsh player exclusion schemes.

Let’s be clear – not everyone who loves online gaming has a gambling addiction! Period! Granted, there are some extreme cases, and, of course, there are players who do indeed have gambling-related problems, but these nationwide self-exclusion schemes are a bit much, in my opinion.

After all, freedom of doing whatever you enjoy, right? Wrong! When considering GamStop, it appears that the general population of the UK faces massive restrictions in accessing trustworthy online casinos and, instead, must play at sketchy and illegal gambling destinations. So these results are counter-effective, aren’t they?

However, we know how to help you, and we are here to do exactly so! Finding reliable, quality, trustworthy, and, most importantly, legitimate online casinos that accept GamStop players is still a possibility for UK residents, and it’s not as hard as you think it is. Our team designed a perfect list of 10 useful tips that will definitely help you find the best online casinos not on GamStop, and we are here to share it with you.

Keep reading this guide to learn how to find and choose the best possible online casinos not on GamStop that accept UK players. 

1. Avoid unlicensed online casinos at all costs!

This first rule is the most essential tip anyone can give you, as it is the golden rule of the gambling industry – always play at adequately licensed and regulated online casinos! Avoid unlicensed, sketchy, and scammy operators at all costs because if they mistreat you and refuse to pay you your winnings, there’s nobody who can help you.

Before committing to an online casino, always check what kind of gambling license they have. The Curacao eGaming Authority and the Malta Gaming Authority are two of the best iGaming regulators, and if your chosen online casino has either of these licenses, you can totally trust and commit to it.

2. See if they offer diverse Payment Methods

Golden Rule No.2 – Legitimate online casinos always offer numerous options for payment methods! Sketchy online casinos only offer a couple, and in most cases, they are cryptocurrencies, so your payments cannot be tracked, and in case of unfair treatment, you can’t prove your truth.

So, to find and choose the best online casinos not on GamStop, you should definitely inquire about payment methods they can offer you. In the best scenarios, legitimate, trustworthy non GamStop casinos offer credit cards, debit cards, prepaid vouchers, eWallets, cryptocurrencies, etc., so that you have the absolute comfort of using the most convenient option for deposit and withdrawal purposes.

3. Check if these casinos are powered by popular Gaming Providers

Remember, reputable and respected Gaming Studios don’t cooperate with sketchy, illegitimate online casinos. Therefore, if an online casino is powered by the likes of NetEnt, Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, Play’n Go, NoLimit City, EGT Interactive, etc., it can be trusted.

These gaming providers take huge pride in their trustworthiness and under no circumstances will spoil their reputation by powering scammy online casinos. They only work with properly licensed and regulated operators who treat players with fairness and utmost dignity. Thus, if you see these gaming studios in the list of non- GamStop casino providers, that’s one more indicator of a casino’s reliability and trustworthiness.

4. See what kind of promotions these casinos offer

In order to find the best online casinos not on GamStop, you should check what kind of bonuses and promotions they offer. Usually, illegitimate, sketchy casinos don’t offer anything special as their main goal is to take money from you.

The best online casinos not on GamStop are packed with colorful, attractive, engaging bonus deals that reward loyal players as well as newcomers. These deals include Casino Welcome Bonus, Sports Welcome Bonus, Cashbacks, Free Spins, Crypto Welcome Bonus, and whatnot. So, there we go, one more indicator of non GamStop casino’s legitimacy – a diverse selection of bonus deals and promotions.

5. Are these casinos packed with gaming options?

Another huge indicator of non GamStop casino’s reliability and legitimacy is its assortment of online casino games. I have personally seen illegitimate, sketchy online casinos whose gaming selection won’t cover more than a couple hundred games.

However, reputable non GamStop casinos pack their gaming libraries with more than seven, eight, and even tens of thousands of online casino games from popular, respected gaming studios. Therefore, if you are doubtful about an online casino’s gaming library and can’t recognize game titles, odds are you are correct to be skeptical and should steer clear of these operators. 

6. What about sports betting options?

So, what about Sports Betting options? Don’t get me wrong, not every online casino is also a sportsbook, and it’s perfectly okay. Many respected online casinos don’t offer sports betting options, but those that do are even better because there, you have everything you will ever need in one comfortable space.

Having a sports betting section and betting options is a huge advantage for any online operator, especially for those who cater to UK players, since these guys are well-known for their love for sports. Thus, we can confidently conclude that non-GamStop casinos that have sports betting options are even more desirable than those that don’t offer betting choices.

7. No Self-Exclusion Schemes, No Limitations

This entire article concentrates on evading GamStop and its restrictions, so it’s worth mentioning that the best non GamStop online casinos do not restrict their players. Moreover, they welcome individuals who are already enrolled in exclusion schemes and are blocked out of their accounts.

It is utterly true that sometimes needing exclusion options exceeds necessity, but most players do not experience this; therefore, for those who do not have gambling-related problems but still face schemes like GamStop, Gamban, etc., non GamStop online casinos offer the best possible solution

8. Less complicated KYC procedures

UK-based online casinos licensed by the UKGC are notorious for their complicated KYC procedures, requiring players to upload endless documentation, a process that takes days for confirmation and approval. Needless to say, no player wants to wait for an extended period to get verified in order to start playing.

The non GamStop casinos have less to no KYC procedures, making player verification that much straightforward and unproblematic.

9. Credit Cards are more than welcome

I understand that this point is already included in “Tip No.2” since we’ve already discussed Payment Methods, but it is quite important, so bear with me! It is a known fact that the UKGC-licensed online casinos that are part of GamStop strictly prohibit using credit cards as payment options, which is more than uncomfortable for players since credit cards are the number one most requested payment option for online gambling. The best non GamStop online casinos freely offer Credit Card options for deposit and withdrawal purposes, making the player experience simple and convenient.


Gambling online is all about fun, and GamStop restrictions and limitations take a lot out of that aspect, wouldn’t you agree? Thus, finally, deciding to bypass the GamStop self-exclusion scheme and continue gambling online will definitely bring your fun back the way you want it without fearing the UKGC restrictions. Remember, finding the best online casinos not on GamStop is more than possible if you remember to consider all the above-mentioned tips and suggestions, which will ultimately guide you to discovering your new favorite online casinos!

Casinos not on GamStop – Conclusion

Well, you may think – do such perfect casinos really exist? The answer is yes. You can use these provided tips to search for the best online casinos, not on GamStop, and find numerous operators that perfectly meet these criteria. Just because the internet is packed with sketchy and untrustworthy operators doesn’t mean that reliable online casinos are obsolete. On the contrary, we alone can offer you several options that will completely fulfil your gaming needs, expectations, and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What exactly is GamStop?

    GamStop is a player self-exclusion scheme in the UK that restricts access to online casinos for those who want to control their gambling habits.

  • Why is it important to play only at properly licensed online casinos not on GamStop?

    Playing at properly licensed online casinos is crucial because it ensures a level of trust and accountability. Licensed casinos are regulated and must adhere to certain standards, offering players a safer and more reliable gaming experience.

  • What are some of the most reputable gaming providers powering non GamStop online casinos?

    Such gaming providers include NetEnt, Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, Play’n Go, NoLimit City, and EGT Interactive. These providers are known for their trustworthiness and only work with properly licensed and regulated online casinos.

  • What types of promotions can I expect from legitimate online casinos not on GamStop?

    Legitimate online casinos not on GamStop often offer a diverse selection of bonus deals and promotions, including Casino Welcome Bonuses, Sports Welcome Bonuses, Cashbacks, Free Spins, and Crypto Welcome Bonuses, among others.

  • How can I identify legitimate online casinos based on their gaming options?

    Legitimate online casinos typically have a vast assortment of online casino games, often offering thousands of titles from popular and respected gaming studios. A limited gaming selection may be a red flag for sketchy operators.

  • Why are sports betting options considered an advantage in non GamStop casinos?

    Sports betting options are considered advantageous because they provide a comprehensive gaming experience in one place. For UK players who enjoy sports, having sports betting options in addition to casino games is a desirable feature.

  • How do non GamStop online casinos differ from UKGC-licensed ones in terms of player verification?

    Non GamStop online casinos typically have less complicated Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures, making player verification quicker and more straightforward compared to UKGC-licensed casinos, which often have lengthy KYC processes.

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