How to avoid GamStop self-exclusion scheme? (2023)

Oliver Thompson
November 21, 2022

What is GamStop – A Brief Overview

Would you like to learn useful tricks on how to avoid GamStop self-exclusion scheme? If so, then you have come across just the right article. NonGamStopBets is here to tell you all about UK’s self-exclusion system – GamStop, and provide you with handy information on the ways that will allow you to bypass GamStop. But, first things first, let’s briefly discuss what exactly is GamStop – the UK’s self-exclusion scheme.

GamStop is the UK’s self-exclusion system, and it is generally employed to restrict a UK punter’s access to online gambling. The GamStop self-exclusion scheme is a fundamental part of the UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission), and it serves the purpose of guiding UK players in taking a break from online gambling, primarily through self-exclusion. Should a UK player decide to sign up for the GamStop self-exclusion services, they will be prevented from using online gambling websites licensed by the UKGC. 

A set period a UK player can self-exclude from online gambling using GamStop self-exclusion system is 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years. Upon finishing the sign-up process at GamStop, a punter will be automatically banned from online gambling operators that are licensed and regulated by the UKGC, including online casino operators, lottery, mobile casinos, and other betting sites. Even though GamStop has been around for years already, the discussion regarding its restrictive nature never stops because this self-exclusion scheme limits punters’ will to explore gambling options and enjoy the overall online gaming experience. Keep reading to learn even more about this self-exclusion scheme and the tips you can employ to get around GamStop.

What are the best ways to avoid GamStop in 2022?

First things first – it’s absolutely crucial to mention that once you are signed up for the GamStop self-exclusion and have chosen your initial set exclusion period – it is impossible to stop the self-imposed exclusion until the selected period has lapsed. Therefore, a short but unfortunate answer to the question “can you cancel GamStop self-exclusion” – would be no, you cannot cancel GamStop in the middle of the self-exclusion. However, this article discusses options for avoiding or bypassing GamStop and continuing to enjoy the gambling experience, so let’s briefly list some of the most effective options a UK player can use to avoid GamStop’s restrictive nature.

  • Play with non-GamStop betting sites – this is the most common and efficient way to bypass GamStop self-exclusion system. All you have to do is create a new account on a betting website that is not a part of GamStop. In simpler words, you are highly advised to register with an online operator not regulated by the UKGC that accepts British players. Among other numerous advantages, you will be getting new bonuses, more payment methods, quick withdrawals, and fantastic gaming selections at non-GamStop operators, so why hesitate? Choose your favorite non-UKGC online betting operator and enjoy your gambling experience.
  • Avoid GamStop using VPN services – this would be another useful way to bypass GamStop’s self-exclusion scheme. By downloading a VPN service of your choice to your mobile or laptop, you can try out numerous operators not registered with the GamStop self-exclusion scheme and, at the same time, freely take UK punters. This option is one of the most popular ways around GamStop if you ever want to place your bets on a sportsbook that has been blacklisted in the UK. Nolimit-Casinos is here to offer you a fantastic selection of such operators, so make your choice and give it a go!
  • Sign-up for non-GamStop Crypto casinos – it’s a fact that cryptocurrencies have been among the new technologies that have a great appeal, especially to the punters. Crypto operators give you the chance to play your favorite online casino games and place your bets under the radar with Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or other digital coins and, at the same time, successfully bypass GamStop. This also means that no verification will be required upon registering with crypto casinos. Thus, betting is open to anyone, and it could be more fun than ever!
  • Gamble at non-KYC betting operators – among a wide selection of non-UK betting sites that will help you go around GamStop and keep playing, you will also find numerous sites that don’t ask you to verify your ID to place your own bets. Not only crypto operators but other offshore and international bookies as well. Nolimit-Casinos does its maximum to find you only the best betting operators that don’t have complicated KYC procedures and let you freely open your account on their websites. Pretty neat, right?
  • Wait until your GamStop self-exclusion is over – in case none of the above ways are good or efficient enough for you, and you are still wondering, “can I use any other way to get around GamStop” there is a sure option you could use as a last resort. If you have already enrolled in GamStop’s self-exclusion scheme but would like to continue betting with the UK bookmakers, the only way left is for you to wait until the self-exclusion period has expired. Again, you should note that you may be flagged as an addicted player by the UK betting operators, even after the self-exclusion has lapsed; therefore, the best way to avoid this would be to completely bypass GamStop by playing at non-GamStop, non-UKGC online operators. We are here to help you with that!

Don’t forget that being limited by GamStop doesn’t take away your right to play at better alternatives. Don’t stop having fun! Try avoiding GamStop according to our suggestions instead!

How To Get Around GamStop: Major Points

🔥 Number of Ways Around GamStop5
🔥 Self-Exclusion SchemeGamStop
🔥 CountryUnited Kingdom
🔥 Top Way to Avoid GamStopGamStop-Free Operators
🔥 Best Casino to Bypass GamStopMyStake, GoldenBet, FreshBet, JackBit, Rolletto

How to avoid GamStop FAQ

  • Are there any ways around GamStop?

    Yes, of course. There are at least 5 major ways how to bypass the GamStop self-exclusion scheme. All of these have been described thoroughly in the article above. So, now as you have been provided with detailed information on how to avoid GamStop, you can confidently have fun gambling. Choose the one you are most comfortable with and give it a go.

  • Is there an official way to get around GamStop?

    This is no official way to cancel GamStop in the middle of the process until the agreed-upon period of exclusion has expired. One of the legit options for a player would be to simply wait until the initial set period elapses. However, there are other ways to avoid GamStop, and they were comprehensively discussed in the above article.

  • How long does the GamStop self-exclusion last?

    When signing up for GamStop services, this self-exclusion scheme gives you several options to choose from. The minimum set period for self-exclusion is 6 months, then comes 1 year, and finally 5 years. It will certainly be more challenging to find ways how to cancel GamStop if you choose 1 or 5 years set periods.

  • Is it safe to avoid GamStop self-exclusion scheme?

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with bypassing the GamStop self-exclusion scheme. Safety is not an issue in this case. All the ways we offered and described in great detail in this article are legal and can be trusted. Besides, UK punters are only restricted by the UKGC-licensed casinos, and there are numerous other properly licensed and completely trustworthy casinos regulated by other respected gambling regulators such as the MGA and the Curacao eGaming. So, as long as you choose a reputable, reliable online operator, of course, it’s absolutely safe to avoid the GamStop self-exclusion scheme.

  • What is the best non GamStop online operator?

    Where to start … there are literally limitless options for you in case you ever decide to avoid GamStop and start playing again. As for the best non-GamStop operator – you can rest assured – each and every online operator that NonGambanCasinos offers you is legit, reliable, reputable, simply top-notch, and can be fully trusted.

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