4 Reasons Why You Should Avoid GamStop

Oliver Thompson
November 21, 2022
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What exactly is GamStop?

GamStop is the UK’s self-exclusion scheme, and it is generally employed to limit and restrict a player’s access to online gambling. GamStop is a fundamental part of the UKGC, and its purpose is to guide players in taking a break from gambling, primarily through self-exclusion. Upon signing up for the GamStop self-exclusion services, a player will be prevented from using gambling apps and websites run by the UKGC licensed companies for a period of their choosing.

The reasons why GamStop is the worst

With GamStop comes a number of limitations that restrain UK players from enjoying a comprehensive gaming experience. Being part of GamStop self-exclusion scheme is a problem for everyone who loves to play online not only for being restricted for UK-based gambling establishments, but because GamStop comes with numerous other complications as well. Below are listed some of the major restrictions a player will encounter in GamStop casinos:

  • Complicated KCY process – all GamStop casinos have a mandatory and quite complicated process of KYC (Know Your Customer). The KYC process in GamStop online casinos identifies and verifies a player’s identity when opening an account and it may take days before it’s finalized and confirmed.
  • Credit card Ban – players are banned from using credit cards in GamStop casinos for neither making deposits nor withdrawing their winnings.
  • Prohibited auto-play and fast spin features – players won’t be able to enjoy their favorite auto-play titles in the GamStop casinos since the UKGC banned these from all their licensed online casinos. 
  • Self-exclusion period – GamStop has quite excessive self-exclusion periods of 6 months, 1 year, and 5 years.

You may want to know – is there any way to cancel GamStop or bypass GamStop and be able to play again? Check out our blog for “How to avoid GamStop” article. But before that, let’s list the reasons why every UK player should try avoiding GamStop and play in non-GamStop casinos.

Why should everyone avoid GamStop?

Many players think about avoiding GamStop, but sometimes, they don’t dare to actually do it. However, if you were to bypass this strict self-exclusion scheme, the possibilities could be literally endless. You get to play at non-GamStop casinos that offer you a wide selection of unique games, fat bonuses, player security, and so much more. And since these betting operators aren’t licensed and regulated by the UKGC, they don’t have strict rules either.

Below you will find several reasons why you should stop overthinking your decision and why you should just do it – avoid GamStop and continue playing your favorite online casino games.

  • Chance to find numerous exotic online operators – granted, this could be the most obvious of all the answers; however, let’s not decrease the value of this option since it will give you an opportunity to explore new online operators from all over the world. More bonuses, promotions, high odds, the chance to use crypto coins, as well as your credit cards are among other reasons to just go for it.
  • Avoid strict UKGC rules and restrictions – while the UKGC has been trying to create a safe gambling environment, this regulator has also created many obstacles. Should you decide to bypass GamStop and play at alternative operators, you will not face any more limitations, demanding wagering requirements, and an overall challenging gambling environment. Additionally, you will no longer have to tolerate the non-usage of the credit cards since the UKGC licensed casinos infamously banned credit cards as a payment method.
  • Additional income – professional and experienced punters will have the chance to do what they know best – place bets and have a real chance to increase their income again. These types of players are the most underprivileged ones in the UK since the Gambling Act, and the UKGC itself only serves recreational players.
  • Fun has returned – gambling online is all about fun, and GamStop restrictions and limitations take a lot out of that aspect, wouldn’t you agree? Thus, finally, deciding to bypass GamStop self-exclusion scheme and continue gambling online will definitely bring your fun back the way you want it without fearing the UKGC restrictions. Of course, all the three previous suggestions also apply should you decide to use non-GamStop offshore betting operators.

One thing’s absolutely certain – GamStop is a British responsible gambling organization, so its reach doesn’t extend overseas. Thus, it can legally only operate within the borders of the UK, and its reach doesn’t apply to other countries except for the UK. This means that international operators, such as EU online operators, aren’t part of GamStop’s self-exclusion system and can freely accept UK players.

There you go, you have several very obvious and clearly smart reasons to do your best and try avoiding GamStop. Don’t stop having fun! Try avoiding limitations instead.

Author Oliver Thompson

Hello everyone! Oliver Thompson here, originally from the UK, Southampton. After graduating from California International Business University in 2015, I made a well-thought-out decision to immediately start researching eGaming industry regulations in both the EU and the USA since it was my main field of interest.